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Let’s talk about policy

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

As the newest medium for expression and human interaction, the Internet adds a new layer to some of the policy questions companies have long faced — age-old matters like privacy, personal rights, speech, freedom, safety, and access for people of different abilities. At Yahoo!, we’re well aware that these are not simply abstract issues and that they have a real impact on real people. In fact, I’ve been privileged to work in this area at the company for more than a decade and have ensured that we’re thoughtful and careful in how we shape policy and manage it on our sites across the world.

We are launching this blog today to open a dialogue about some of the work Yahoo! does in important policy areas. These posts will sometimes cover significant policy events but, more often than not, we will be sharing what we’re working on and what we’ve learned in the process. In addition to our Privacy Center, we see this as yet another vehicle for communicating with you, our users, about issues that you care about.

So, with that, welcome to the Yahoo! Policy Blog. We look forward to posting here and engaging in a spirited discussion about the important policies that impact you, Yahoo!, this medium, and our industry.

Anne Toth
VP of Policy
Head of Privacy