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Moving Forward-i with CLEAR Ad Notice

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Yahoo! is excited to further our commitment to increased transparency and control by updating our implementation of the Advertising Option Icon (CLEAR Ad Notice) to the “Forward-i” icon recently announced by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). CLEAR Ad Notice provides users a simple link on or near an ad to provide more information about how interest-based advertising works and tools to manage their advertising experience.

Yahoo! began our implementation of CLEAR Ad Notice in April 2010 with an early version of the advertising icon – the “Power-i”.  Since that time, we have served the CLEAR Ad Notice over 1.5 trillion times across Yahoo! properties in the US.  In an effort to significantly increase the level of consumer awareness and control with respect to interest-based advertising in other markets, Yahoo! launched CLEAR Ad Notice in January 2011 on the Yahoo! sign-in page across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Today’s change in Yahoo!’s CLEAR Ad Notice implementation to the “Forward-i” continues to serve as a consistent reminder to consumers to learn more about and manage their interest-based advertising experience.  The roll-out of the new icon will take some time, but you will start noticing the Forward-i icon replace the current icon over the next few months on the ads you see across Yahoo! properties.

Vinay Goel
Sr. Manager, Advertising and Analytics Privacy

Do Not Track

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Yahoo! believes strongly in empowering users through providing transparency into our data collection and use practices and providing tools to exercise user choice in this regard.  This is evidenced through Yahoo’s leadership in partnering with the DAA and others in industry to develop ground breaking privacy enhancing tools for consumers, such as CLEAR Ad Notice,  Ad Interest Manager, and Persistent Opt-outs, not to mention footer links that help visitors learn more About our Ads and connect to our privacy center which carries a wealth of easily accessible information.

Recently each of the major web browser vendors have released features that place user choice tools within the web browser itself, responding to regulatory calls for “Do Not Track” capabilities.  Yahoo! is working with each of these vendors to better understand their solutions and how best to align our efforts.  In our recent response to the FTC request for comment, Yahoo! highlighted that some of these approaches would require websites to be reengineered to read new header signals broadcast to web publishers.  Further, Microsoft’s introduction of Traffic Protection Lists focuses on 3rd party data collection and could be very disruptive for users, even blocking the basic rendering of content.  This approach “breaks” many websites, including Yahoo!,  that aggregate or license content from third parties– or support and supply content for third party sites.

Yahoo! values the Federal Trade Commission’s statement with respect to DNT in their proposed privacy framework that “any such mechanism should not undermine the benefits that online behavioral advertising has to offer, by funding online content and services and providing personalized advertisements that many consumers value.”  Yahoo! believes approaches that allow users to consume content as expected and opt-out of Interest-based advertising and content data use – essentially preserving the customization our users have come to rely on with Yahoo! – are the preferred way to approach DNT.

Shane Wiley
Sr. Director – Privacy & Data Governance

Congratulations to Yahoo!’s Shane Wiley

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Shane’s outstanding contribution on CLEAR Ad shows how Yahoo! walks the talk on privacy.

The leader of Yahoo!’s privacy and data governance team was recognized on Sunday at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Annual Leadership Meeting for outstanding work in creating a new industry standard.

Shane Wiley, senior director of Privacy and Data Governance, received the IAB Service Excellence Award for his work on the CLEAR Ad Notice that promotes high standards of transparency and consumer protection for the industry, showcasing Yahoo!’s leading role in online privacy discussions.

The IAB has nearly 500 member companies whose employees work in a volunteer capacity to shape standards, guidelines and best practices. To create the CLEAR Ad Notice — now the industry standard — Shane had to bring together different companies and industry groups including the Ad Ops Council and the Public Policy Council to create a set of guidelines that everyone could support – not an easy task!

“Shane has taken CLEAR Ad Notice from concept to reality here at Yahoo! and driven the standard across the industry when many thought it would be impossible to do so,” said Anne Toth, Yahoo!’s chief trust officer. “Not only has Shane been essential in making Y! a standout in walking the talk on privacy through numerous proof points, he’s driven real change across our industry in a relatively short amount of time. It’s no small task to develop an industry standard, bring others into alignment and then execute it among many, many players – all of whom fiercely compete against each other every day.”

Echoing Anne’s praise, Leslie Dunlap, senior director of Federal Relations, congratulated Shane on the award and thanked him for his contribution to Yahoo!.

“This is well deserved recognition – the industry wouldn’t be half as far along if Shane hadn’t stepped in and driven folks to get to a standard,” she said. “Yahoo! has been able to clearly show we were leading the way, and we’ve gotten a lot of credit for doing so on this project.”