International Data Privacy Day is January 28

Tomorrow January 28 and in the coming weeks many countries will be celebrating International Data Privacy Day. To celebrate this day and honor the spirit of promoting awareness about privacy and best practices in this area, this year we chose to put the focus on the Spanish speaking Americas, due to the attention and momentum that privacy keeps gaining in this side of the world. Not only the right to “Habeas Data” has been widely recognized across the region but countries like Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica have take a step further in developing and enacting comprehensive data protection laws. It is therefore not by coincidence that the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners took place in Mexico in 2011 and will take place in Uruguay in 2012.

At Yahoo! we have always taken privacy very seriously. Privacy is a core element in building our users’ trust, which is in turn core to us. We build our world-class products with privacy and trust in mind, and in order to succeed we strongly believe that the very first targets of education and awareness should be within the very inside of our company. This is why on February 1st the Yahoo! Miami office will host an invitation-only discussion on the latest global and regional developments in privacy. We will share perspective on how Yahoo! has maintained the hard earned role as a leader in building and maintaining user trust, how Yahoo! innovates with privacy in mind to give users transparency and choice in their online experiences, and what the landscape looks like for the online industry, as well as an overview of legislation affecting user privacy especially those affecting Latin America. There will be a Q&A session and the event will be videotaped – all in Spanish – for audiences unable to attend.

director, international privacy for Yahoo!

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