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Yahoo! Brings New Interest Tool to the Media Mix

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Yahoo! has begun testing a conceptual approach for users to share what content they would be most interested in receiving via Media Interest Manager (MIM).  In its initial incarnation, MIM is available to select users of Yahoo! News via News for You and gives those users the ability to declare their interests and receive some content that is personalized based on those interests.

Media Interest Manager is only available to a limited number of random users at this time and requires that you be logged-into your Yahoo! account to access the tool.  If you’re one of the lucky few that have access, you’ll be able to select from 100 interest categories (you can change these at any time).

It’s important to note that our interest based advertising and content opt-out (Ad Interest Manager) does not affect the interests you declare within MIM.   If the opt-out is selected, MIM will not override your preference, but will tailor your experience based on your MIM interest selections.  To stop using MIM simply deselect all previously highlighted media interests and close the tool.

We’re excited to be expanding our privacy suite of Interest Managers with the addition of MIM.  This release demonstrates Yahoo’s continued commitment to extend more choices to users to further customize their Yahoo! experiences.  This is very much an early concept release and you should expect to see tremendous evolution of Media Interest Manager throughout 2012 and beyond!

Shane Wiley
VP, Privacy & Data Governance